Workshop: Storytelling for Social Good

Tribeca Talks



A well-told story rumbles in our stomachs, itches in our throats, and dances in our toes long after the curtains have closed or the credits have scrolled. But for how long? And what are the circumstances that give a story staying power? How does impact translate to action? How can we measure when, how, and why audiences engage further?

In a world where dominant narratives that dismiss and erase the stories of those most historically marginalized, also have the immense power to shape our attitudes, understanding, and behavior - how can storytelling be a tool to rewrite and recenter our cultural scripts? In this workshop, audience members will embark on a guided journey filled with prompts and provocations that sharpen the iron of conscious artmakers wondering what they can do to use their pen or camera for social good without sacrificing commercial success.

This workshop, organized in partnership with Level Forward, will be facilitated by Andrea Ambam (Level Forward, More To Talk About) alongside co-facilitator Dria Brown from Broadway Advocacy Coalition. 


Andrea Ambam

Andrea Ambam

Andrea Ambam is a Brooklyn-based performance artist, writer, and facilitator whose roots sprout from Cameroon. As a politically engaged storyteller who believes in the art’s potential for movement building and transformative justice, Andrea best work intersects spaces where community, performance, and truth-telling pulsate. Currently, Andrea is an Artistic Fellow at Signature Theatre, a Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) Artist-In-Residence, a PenAmerica Writing As Activism Fellow, and the Host/Programmer of “More To Talk About” at Level Forward. She has developed her multi-hyphenated practice as an Inaugural Artivism Fellow with Broadway Advocacy Coalition, an Artist-in-Residence for Anna Deavere Smith, an EmergeNYC Fellow, and as a competitive public speaker/performer where she has been awarded 10 national championships including "Top Speaker in the Nation'' three times, and gone on to debate conservative pundits on live TV. As a performer, writer, and facilitator, she’s worked with Broadway Advocacy Coalition, Classical Theatre of Harlem/Playbill, gal-dem, Abrons Arts Center, NYU Prison Education Program, Artists’ Literacies Institute, Centre for Social Innovation, and others. Andrea holds a Master’s degree in Art & Public Policy from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Simran Sidhu

Simran Sidhu

Simran Sidhu serves as EVP of Impact for Spring Point Partners LLC (SPP), a Philadelphia-based social impact organization that invests in the transformational leaders, networks, and solutions that power community change and advance justice. The daughter of an Indian sea captain and granddaughter of individuals displaced by partition, Simran grew up with a front-row view of justice and an expansive understanding of the diversity of humanity. After graduating from St. Xavier’s College, University of Bombay, Simran earned a master’s degree in journalism and public relations from Temple. As YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School’s executive director, she saw the organization through 15 years of significant growth, helping more than 3,000 high school dropouts become successful community members through education, job skills, and environmental support. In 2017, she took the helm in building The Hive, one of the inaugural impact programs at Spring Point Partners LLC, and today oversees the breadth of SPP’s grantmaking and impact investments with a practitioner’s perspective, centering equity and justice throughout. Simran is also a mother of two, cook, and connoisseur of podcasts and books.