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Sports, Documentary, New York
Just months after the 2014 World Cup saw soccer’s popularity in the US reach unprecedented heights, a new expansion team was set to enter Major League Soccer and take the competition by storm: New York City Football Club. The announcement of a new team in the country’s most competitive sports market, backed jointly by British club Manchester City and the New York Yankees, had the global soccer community abuzz with anticipation. All they needed was a coach, and players, and fans…

Offering a fascinating vérité look into what it takes to build a soccer team from the ground up, Win! follows New York City FC’s historic inaugural season in Yankee Stadium as a young coach and a team—led by global superstars like David Villa, Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo—alongside a growing squad of American veterans and young talent, set out to conquer their owners’ lofty expectations and win the hearts of New Yorkers.

—Ian Hollander

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Justin Webster
Justin’s films are either investigative, with interviews, or vérité, driven by a desire to discover and tell a true story on subjects as diverse as the lives of jihadi terrorists, a photographic testimony of the drama of African emigration, a story of love, murder and political conspiracy in Guatemala.
Justin Webster
Justin Webster
Sumpta Ayuso, Martín Rocca
Josué Andavert, Judit Méndez, Núria Campbadal
Josué Andavert, David Meléndez, Lucas Gath, Don Freeman, Javier Senz, Steve Milligan, José Medrano
Head of Production
Sumpta Ayuso
Laro Basterrechea
Director of Photography
Josué Andavert
David Villa, Jason Kreis, Claudio Reyna, Frank Lampard

Leigh Wolfson
Rogers & Cowan PMK
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 9736323531
Print Source
Martin Rocca
Barcelona, 08690
Phone: +34 69 955 7550
International Sales Contact
Sumpta Ayuso
Barcelona, 08006
Phone: +34 659 456 350
Press Contact
Stephanie Friedman
New York , 10017
Phone: 212 373 0109
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