World Premiere


World Narrative Competition
| Costa Rica | 70 MINUTES | Spanish | English subtitles
Female Director(s), Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Relationships, Female Screenwriter(s), Latino Director(s)
After meeting at a party, Luciana and Pedro spark up a spontaneous rendezvous. Eschewing the fraudulent nature of traditional relationships, the pair embarks on a spur of the moment journey together that takes them to the forest. As they explore the beauty in the nature that surrounds them, they camp out under the stars, go on hikes, indulge in the passions of their encounter, and discuss their personal beliefs surrounding love, obligations, and attraction.

Lensed in lush black-and-white cinematography amidst the gorgeous backdrop of the Costa Rican forest, an honest and genuine relationship story unfolds, lending a feeling of realism to their storybook romance in a refreshing and youthful way. This is a story about attraction and commitment for a generation whose understandings of personal freedoms and traditional limitations are more open to interpretation.

—Mallory Lance

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Paz Fábrega
Paz Fábrega is an award-winning director who has studied at the University of Costa Rica, the Colegio Universitario de Alajuela, and the London Film School. Her filmography includes the short Temporal and the features Agua Fria de Mar and Cuilos.
Paz Fábrega
Paz Fábrega
Paz Fábrega, Kattia González
Paz Fábrega, Sebastián Sepúlveda
Associate Producer
Miguel Gomez, Marcos Blanco, Dennis Gomez
Esteban Chinchilla
Executive Producer
Paz Fábrega
Alejandro Fernandez
Kattia Gonzalez, Fernando Bolaños

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