Under a Cracked Sky

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

USA | 9 MINUTES | English |


Under eight feet of Antarctic sea ice lies the clearest water on Earth. Plunge through a small hole in the ice to dive with seals, explore ice caves, glide past stalactites of frozen seawater and swim over a rocky black seabed crawling with life. Under a Cracked Sky was narrated and photographed by two research divers at McMurdo Station, one of whom has more experience under the ice than anyone else on the planet.

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Directed by New York Times

Project Creator
The New York Times
Narration and Underwater Cinematography
Rob Robbins, Steven Rupp
Produced by
Jonathan Corum, Graham Roberts
Post Production
Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Koncept VR
Shawn King
Surface Cinematography
Evan Grothjan
Dive Tender
Amy Moran
Other Divers
Jeff Bozanic, John Heine, Brenda Konar, Christian McDonald
Observation Tube
Carolyn Lipke, Beth Beazle
Produced with Support from
National Science Foundation, United States Antarctic Program
Special Thanks to
Peter West, Elaine Hood, Michael Lucibella, Michael Davis, Michael Howse


Project Contact
Graham Roberts
The New York Times
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212 556 7583
Press Contact
Danielle Rhoades Ha
New York Times
New York, 10018
Phone: 212 556 8719