World Premiere


| USA | 103 MINUTES | English
Drama, Comedy, Music, Female Screenwriter(s)
Years after the accidental death of her folk-legend songwriter husband Hunter, Hannah (Rebecca Hall) has yet to fully accept her small-town life in Maine without him. She spends her days contemplating a book she'd like to write on Hunter's life and work, and indulging in a fling with a local meathead (Joe Manganiello). But when she is approached by brash New York academic Andrew (Jason Sudeikis), intent on penning his own biography of her late husband, Hannah is roused into action. Initially wary of his intentions she decides to collaborate with him on the book, leading them both to surprising discoveries. As Hannah and Andrew dig deeper into Hunter's life and death, they come to their own revelations about what it means to live, and to love. Featuring supporting performances by Dianna Agron, Blythe Danner, Griffin Dunne, and Richard Masur, Tumbledown is a comedic love story with heart, humor, and tenderness.

—Cara Cusumano

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Sean Mewshaw
Sean Mewshaw was raised in Italy and set out for L.A. to work in movie production. Gary Winick mentored Mewshaw while Mewshaw directed his first short, Last Night. Tumbledown was made in close collaboration with his wife Desi Van Til, who wrote the screenplay.
Sean Mewshaw
Desi Van Til
Kristin Hahn, Margot Hand, Aaron L. Gilbert
Sandra Adair, Suzy Elmiger
Seamus Tierney
Executive Producer
Desi Van Til, Jason Cloth
Daniel Hart, Damien Jurado
Erika Hampson
Rebecca Hall, Jason Sudeikis, Dianna Agron, Blythe Danner, Griffin Dunne, Joe Manganiello, Richard Masur

US Sales Contact
Laura Lewis
Creative Artists Agency
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 424 288 2000
International Sales Contact
Kristen Figeroid
Los Angeles, 90212
Phone: 424 253 1066
Print Source
Margot Hand
Picture Films Inc
Vancouver, V5T0B7
Phone: 604 565 8819
Press Contact
Marian Koltai-Levine
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212 373 6130
Press Contact
Nina Baron
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212 373 6150
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