The Fabulists

The Fabulists

Official Selections
| United States | 38 MINUTES
Comedy, Drama

The mysterious company known as The Revisions Department improves people's lives by running elaborate confidence schemes, ones that help their clients find what's missing in their lives instead of cleaning out their bank accounts. Harry Finch has long been the mastermind behind these schemes, but lately his work has been suffering. To help right the ship, Harry's boss does the unthinkable.

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Gabriel Urbina
Gabriel Urbina
Sarah Shachat, Zach Valenti, Gabriel Urbina
Zach Valenti
Sound Design
Zach Valenti
Script Editor:
Sarah Shachat
Original Music:
Alan Rodi
Audio Recording:
Robby Schwartz
Peter Coleman, Ellen Winter, Zach Valenti, Jasmine Romero


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