Talking With Ghosts

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

USA | 0 MINUTES | English |


Talking With Ghosts is the next wave of emerging art in the field of Illustrative VR. Following the success of Dear Angelica, Oculus Story Studio is enhancing its painting app, Quill, with comic-like storytelling functionality, enabling anyone to tell their own illustrative stories in VR. The resulting works are called Quill Stories and Talking With Ghosts is a compilation of the very first of their kind, entirely painted and told in VR by four remarkable artists. Made in collaboration with Oculus Story Studios.

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Directed by Sophia Foster-Dimino, Ric Carrasquillo, Roman Muradov, and Maria Yi

Ric Carrasquillo is a cartoonist/illustrator/animator whose work has been recognized by Graphis, The Good Design Awards and the Cartoon Art Museum. Sophia Foster-Dimino is a cartoonist/illustrator whose work has appeared in The New Yorker. Roman Muradov is an award-winning illustrator and author. Maria Yi is a character designer/illustrator who has previously worked at WAG/Warner Animation Group.
Project Creators
Ric Carrasquillo, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Roman Muradov, Maria Yi
Key Collaborators
Wesley Allsbrook, Matthew Chadwick, Sebastien Chevrel, Tauni Oxborrow, Saschka Unseld, Oculus Story Studio
Executive Producer
Edward Saatchi
Matthew Chadwick, Tauni Oxborrow
Quill Lead Software Engineer
Inigo Quilez
Quill Engineers
Sebastian Chevrel, Christopher Horvath, Maxwell Planck, Ian Wakelin
Quill UX Designer
Mary Huang


Project Contact
Ryan Thomas
Oculus Story Studio
San Francisco, 94105
Phone: 650 704 8011
Press Contact
Andrea Schubert
Menlo Park, 94025
Phone: 925 381 2298