The Survivalist

World Narrative Competition

World Premiere

U.K., Northern Ireland | 109 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Thriller, Science Fiction
In this organic post-apocalyptic drama, first-time filmmaker Stephen Fingleton's main character, known merely as the Survivalist, struggles for his existence on a makeshift farm. He lives in isolation and guards his crops closely, fearing marauding gangs. When Kathryn and her daughter Milja wander into his life looking for food and shelter his carefully ordered world is upset. As the three of them start their restless co-existence, suspicion and dependence intertwine and allegiances shift from day to day. Self-preservation takes on a new meaning as each new mouth stretches the capacity of the farm, and the masked raiders are never too far off.

Fingleton deftly navigates the conventions of the genre by keeping the focus on the farm and its surrounding areas, and so, relies on emotions over special effects. The pared down aesthetic and simplicity of the setting provides an authentic backdrop to this taut drama. By presenting more questions than answers, The Survivalist is a gripping exploration of our most primal instinct—survival at any cost.

—Jule Rozite


Directed by Stephen Fingleton

Northern Irish writer-director Stephen Fingleton’s short SLR was shortlisted for an Oscar®. His screenplay for his feature debut, The Survivalist, was voted onto Hollywood’s Black List and topped the UK Brit List for the year’s best unproduced scripts.
Stephen Fingleton
Stephen Fingleton
Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones, David Gilbery
Mark Towns
Damien Elliott
Executive Producer
Simon Lewis, Arnaud Lannic, Christophe Lannic, Nick Quested, Daniel Baur, Oliver Simon, Natascha Wharton, Andrew Reid
Martin McCann, Mia Goth, Olwen Fouéré


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