State of the Storytelling Industry: What the Future Holds?

State of the Storytelling Industry: What the Future Holds?

Tribeca Talks

The State of Storytelling Media is a panel series being launched at the festival this year. This panel series will look at storytelling from varying media areas and discuss the evolving landscape of these mediums with an eye towards how we build better versions of them.

State of the Storytelling Industry: What the Future Holds? will focus on looking towards the future and answering the question of what the next stage of media looks like. Join us as we look at how the business of storytelling is evolving. With guest panelists Opal H. Bennett (POV), Stephanie Kariuki (Vice Audio), and Vassiliki Khonsari (iNK Stories)

Opal H. Bennett

Opal H. Bennett

Opal H. Bennett is an Emmy-winning co-producer and shorts producer at POV. Her first season curating POV Shorts won the 2020 IDA Award for Best Short Form Series and the series broadcast the 2021 NewsDoc Emmy Winner for Short Documentary The Love Bugs. Previously Opal was Shorts Programmer and Director of Artist Development at DOC NYC and Senior Programmer at Athena Film Festival. Prior to that, Opal also worked with Nantucket Film Festival, Aspen Shortsfest, Tribeca Film Festival and Gotham (formerly IFP). She is a Programming Consultant for the March on Washington Film Festival. Opal has served on juries for SXSW, Hot Docs, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Seattle International Film Festivals and IndieMemphis Film Festival among others.

Stephanie  Kariuki

Stephanie Kariuki

Stephanie Kariuki is an award-winning audio journalist and the founder of Earthtone Media. Stephanie is currently an Executive Producer at Vice News. In 2022, she led the team behind the series Authentic: The Story of Tablo. Previously, Stephanie co-created the documentary unit at Stitcher and produced Unfinished: Deep South, which was nominated for a Peabody in 2020. She also produced The Dream and Marvel's Wolverine series. As part of the development team at Stitcher, Stephanie contributed to the pilot-making and green-lighting of dozens of award winning podcasts. She has also enjoyed teaching audio storytelling throughout her 10+ years in audio.


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