Sleepwalkr 360 - The Theatre
World Premiere

Sleepwalkr 360 - The Theatre

Official Selections
| United States | 11 MINUTES
Experimental, Horror, Comedy, Music, Science Fiction

In 2044, underground entertainment troupes such as The Sandmen Collective illegally utilize SLEEPWALKR dream-scanning technology to somnaurally link audiences into the dreamscapes of others. "The Theatre" surveys the dream of a woman named Siobahn, and puts you in the shoes of a performer onstage, though it seems the audience has other ideas...

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Sam Kellman, David Coleman
Sam Kellman
Sam Kellman, David Coleman
David Coleman
Executive Producer
Sam Kellman and David Coleman
Sound Design
David Coleman
Original Soundtrack Performed by
Ella Askren
Isabella Feliciana, AJ Danna, Bonnie Marie Williams , David Coleman

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