Shorts: Interference

Short Program

Unknown Premiere



Some are futuristic, others fatalistic, but always expect the unexpected in this group of shorts.

Set in post-apocalyptic Manhattan where even the air we breathe has a price, oxygen dealer Winston Willis faces off with a mysterious buyer who seems to know Winston's darkest secret in Grow. It’s the dark year 2024 when a shaman is sent on a mission to convert the soul of a giant battle colossus in The Shaman, and faces a deadly psychological confrontation in the Netherworld. In Warning Labels, co-workers at the Center for Disease Control meet for drinks only to discover that love is the most hazardous thing of all. A Mighty Nice Man is the haunting story of a day in a young girl's life when a kind stranger comes to town. It can be tough to be a kid if you're not part of the gang in Foul, especially for this ten-year-old girl on a winter day in Norway. In Listen a foreign woman in a burqa brings her young son to a police station to file a complaint against her abusive husband, but the translator assigned to her seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words. A recruit in a military drone program arrives at a remote diner, and is faced with an unexpected chain of events in Nostradamus.