USA | 83 MINUTES | English |


Months after a weekend fling, Boston research scientist Paul (Alex Karpovsky, "Girls") continues to lust after his beautiful coworker (Jamie Ray Newman), nurturing his fantasies with the occasional polite exchange at work. But once she starts dating another scientist at their lab, his infatuation quickly turns into obsession – and he finds himself unable to control his desires. A slow-burn character study-turned-psychosexual thriller, co-written by Karpovsky and Garth Donovan, Rubberneck is a chillingly believable story of workplace romance gone wrong.


James Lavino
Director of Photography
Beecher Cotton
Garth Donovan, Alex Karpovsky
Alex Karpovsky, Garth Donovan
Garth Donovan, Michael Bowes, Adam Roffman
Alex Karpovsky
Executive Producer
Robert Patton-Spruill, Patricia Moreno
Primary Cast
Alex Karpovsky, Jaime Ray Newman, Amanda Good Hennessey, Dennis Staroselsky, Dakota Shepard


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Nate Bolotin
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Allison Levy
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Sales Agent
Aram Tertzakian
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Sara Sampson
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Director's Manager
Emily Rose
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