Reflection: a walk with water


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Documentary, Environmental

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of water: anywhere life exists, in any form, water plays an essential role in the ecosystem. But in his documentary Reflection: a walk with water, filmmaker Emmett Brennan makes the compelling argument that society has lost touch with this delicate and crucial place water occupies in the environment. Taking a several-hundred-mile trek on foot along the Los Angeles Aqueduct, Brennan joins like-minded activists on a mission meant to raise awareness about California’s water crisis. Beyond the toll the aqueduct has taken on the land, California’s misuse of water has caused water shortages, released toxic dust particles into the air, and left many areas vulnerable to massive wildfires.

Throughout this “pilgrimage with water,” California’s water story sets the groundwork for big picture ideas about reshaping society with water in mind. Brennan consults experts to introduce core principles that, when put into practice, would allow water to return to its synergistic role in the environment. In the midst of a climate emergency, Reflection: a walk with water is an enlightening investigation that urges humanity to rethink life’s most basic resource. —Jose Rodriguez

After the Movie: A special performance by Jacob Collier and Justin Kauflin. Yamaha Pianos provided by Yamaha Artist Services New York.

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Directed by Emmett Brennan

Emmett Brennan is a filmmaker based in California. He is best known for producing the award-winning film Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective. Reflection: a walk with water is his directorial debut. He built a cabin in the woods where he currently lives.

Emmett Brennan
Emmett Brennan, Nicholas Brennan
Emmett Brennan, Nicholas Brennan
Emmett Brennan
Emmett Brennan
Justin Kauflin
Emmett Brennan
Executive Producers
Matthew Monohan, Adam Fell
Executive Music Producer
Jacob Collier
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Jacob Collier
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Justin Kauflin, Jacob Collier
Kathy Bancroft, Connor Jones, Rhamis Kent, Gigi Coyle, Ariel Greenwood, Andy Lipkis


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