POV: Points of View

Virtual Arcade

World Premiere

United States | 16 MINUTES | English |


Action, Drama, Science Fiction, Technology

Los Angeles 2025. As an Insighter, you have been requested to review Case File 456.23 at the Federal Drone Headquarters. The case centers around 21-year-old Cassius Moore, a gifted Black coder, who qualifies for early release under a new drone-surveillance program after serving two years in prison for biometric hacking. In this program, the government assigns F.E.N.I.X. AI--a drone that is equipped with artificial intelligence and weapons to record Cassius’ every move. Follow F.E.N.I.X. and the former engineering student as they navigate the world together. Your task is to evaluate how machine-driven data and human driven biases impact the algorithms and outcomes in law enforcement.

Part of the Juneteenth programming. Sponsored by:


Key Collaborators
Donovan Deboer, Fresh Carreras, Amanda Shelby, Charles Babb, Paris McCoy, Keith L. Smith, Shawn Marcus Taylor, George Artope, Ebony Brown, Maya Bradley, Keith Shaw, CRUX XR, Erinn Budd, Michaela Ternasky-Holland, Will Roberts, Eddie Williams
Writer/ Director
Alton Glass
Alton Glass
Project Creator
GRX Immersive Labs
Donovan DeBoer, Fresh Carreras, Amanda Shelby
Marcello De Francisci
Sound Design
Eduardo Patricio
With Support of
Google, Youtube VR Creator Lab, VRScout, Black Public Media, MacArthur Foundation, CRUX XR, Surdna Foundation, Thriving Cultures, Mozilla Foundation
JJ Green, Sabrina Perez, Jilon Vanover, Diandra Lyle, Karimah Westbrook, Kevin Palafox, Lexi Stevenson, Marshal Hilton


Press Contact
Tiaka Hurst
Fullbloom Marketing Agency
Grand Rapids, 49507
Phone: 323-216-6974