The Loner


World Premiere

USA | 102 MINUTES | English | English subtitles


Action, Thriller
Haunted by memories as a child soldier in 1980s Iran, Behrouz (Reza Sixo Safai, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night) finds himself in bustling, neon-soaked Los Angeles, working to become a real estate agent and live a simple life with his girlfriend Oksana. But Behrouz’s attempts at a normal life become increasingly difficult as his opium addiction and gambling habit rear their ugly heads, and he struggles to leave behind his past with the Iranian mafia. Soon Behrouz and Oksana find themselves caught between the feuding heads of the Iranian and Russian mobs. Parviz Sayyad, one of the best-known actors of pre-revolutionary Iran, plays the fear-inducing Iranian mobster Cirrus, and a wild Julian Sands plays his out-of-control Russian counterpart, Evgeny.

First-time feature filmmaker Daniel Grove deftly balances action and violence with a bold visual style, while sensitively portraying Behrouz’s troubled past and present. Accompanied by a pulsating electro soundtrack, this multi-layered neon-noir takes you on a thrilling ride through the underbelly of Los Angeles.

—Jule Rozite


Directed by Daniel Grove

Daniel was born in Singapore and raised in Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney and Los Angeles. His screenplay for the short Blackbird was a nominee for the 2011 Student Academy Awards for Best Dramatic Short. In 2012 he was a recipient of the Panavision Young Filmmaker Award, the Eastman Kodak Film Grant as well as the Jeffrey Jones Scholarship for Screenwriting. The Loner is his feature film debut.
Daniel Grove
Daniel Grove
Seth Caplan, Reza Sixo Safai
Brian Scofield
Associate Producer
Malcolm Granath
Steven Capitano Calitri
Production Designer
Michael Bricker
Executive Producer
Patrick Grove, Luke Elliott, Daniel Grove
Costume Designer
Kim Ngo
Make Up
Alex Perrone
Reza Sixo Safai, Helena Mattson, Parviz Sayyad, Julian Sands, Laura Harring, Dominic Rains


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