Life of Us

Virtual Arcade

New York Premiere

USA | 7 MINUTES | English |


Life of Us is a shared VR journey from Within that tells the complete story of the evolution of life on Earth.

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Directed by Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk

Chris Milk is the CEO and co-founder of Within, and co-founder of virtual reality production company, Here Be Dragons. Aaron Koblin is the CTO and co-founder of Within. Prior to working at Within, Koblin created and led the Data Arts Team at Google.
Project Creators
Chris Milk, Aaron Koblin
Key Collaborators
Megan Ellison, Annapurna Pictures, Pharrell Williams, Made with Unity, McKenzie Stubbert, Jona Dinges
Executive Producers
Chan Park, Sammy Scher, Priya Swaminathan
Chris Milk, Megan Ellison
Music By
Pharrell Williams, McKenzie Stubbert
Art and Tech Leads
Jona Dinges, Thor Benitez, Brian Chasalow, Jake Jeffrey


Project Contact
Jonny Ahdout
Los Angeles, 90034
Phone: 310 664 1400
Press Contact
Natania Reed
PrayTell Strategy
Phone: 909 240 1491