Leave No Trace
World Premiere

Leave No Trace

Spotlight Documentary
Feature | United States | 108 MINUTES | English | English CLOSED CAPTIONS

The Boy Scouts are an American institution, lauded by multiple presidents as the epitome of integrity and described by one interviewee in the documentary Leave No Trace as “wholesome as apple pie.” But beneath its Norman Rockwell exterior lies a scandal—and a coverup—of shocking proportions. More than 82,000 men have come forward with charges of sexual abuse against scoutmasters and other authority figures within the Boy Scouts, prompting bankruptcy filings and a massive settlement that’s still moving through the U.S. court system. 

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer executive produce this impactful documentary from director Irene Taylor, who partners with ABC News for an investigation into decades’ worth of sexual abuse allegations against the Boy Scouts of America. Leave No Trace asks how the Boy Scouts could have gone so horribly astray—and, more provocatively, if exploitation is built into this seemingly clean-cut organization’s DNA. --Cara Cusumano

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Irene Taylor

Irene Taylor is a Peabody and Emmy®-winning, Academy Award®-nominated director and producer whose credits include Moonlight Sonata (2020), Beware the Slenderman (2015), One Last Hug (2012) and The Final Inch (2011). Her debut feature was Hear and Now (2007), a memoir about her deaf parents. She lives in Portland, Oregon. 

Irene Taylor
Irene Taylor, Nigel Jaquiss, Sara Bernstein, Justin Wilkes, Emily Singer Chapman
Nick Midwig, Peter Hutchens
Don Kleszy, Jody McVeigh-Schultz
Mark Orton
Executive Producer
Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Irene Taylor
Associate Producer
Becca DiLuzio, Lauren Mueller

Press Contact
Clare Anne Darragh
Frank PR
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 646 861 0843
Press Contact
Lauri Hogan
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212 456 6358
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