The Last Animals


World Premiere

USA, U.K. | 92 MINUTES | Czech, English, French, Lingala, Vietnamese | English subtitles


Female Director(s), Documentary, First Time Filmmaker, Environmental
Conflict photographer Kate Brooks turns her lens from the war zones she is used to covering to a new kind of genocide- the killing of African Elephants and Rhinos- in this sweeping and sobering expose of an underreported crisis. As the single-digit population of Northern White Rhinoceros ticks closer to zero, Brooks outlines the myriad factors contributing to the current epidemic of highly effective poaching and trafficking syndicates, drawing startling connections between the illegal wildlife trade and international terrorism and border security. But all is not yet lost- at the same time, Brooks documents the heroic efforts of conservationists, park rangers, and scientists to protect these animals on the verge of extinction in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The result is a potent plea for worldwide attention and action to combat the permanent loss of these majestic creatures.

—Deborah Rudolph


Directed by Kate Brooks

Kate Brooks is an American photojournalist who has chronicled conflict and human rights issues for nearly two decades. In 2013 she was awarded a Knight Wallace Fellowship at University of Michigan where she researched the poaching crisis before directing The Last Animals.
Kate Brooks
Kate Brooks, Mark Monroe
Kate Brooks, Michal Krejci, Jason Longo, Ruben O’Malley, Jared Moossy, Joan Poggio, Stefan Scherperel, Andrew Thompson, Ryan Youngblood
Brian Anton, Brian Lazarte
Paloma Estevez
Executive Producer
Laurie David, Heather Reisman, Regina K. Scully, Mari Snyder Johnson, Nikita Kahn, Sam French, Michal Walrath, Michelle Walrath, Anita Gou, Matt J. Mallek, Daniella Kahane, Steve Milne, Christian Eisenbeiss, Al Edgington, Joe Labracio, Dawn Ostroff
Kate Brooks, Stephanie Soechtig
Associate Producer
Annalisa Shoemaker
Christine O'Malley, Elizabeth Shea
Co-Executive Producers
Geralyn Dreyfous, Erika Brunson, Shannon O’Leary Joy, Tiffany Schauer, John Raymonda, Mildred Rowley, Courtney Turk, Jamie Wolf
Sound Recordists
Joel Barham, Ednah Bonareri, Peter Eason, Sam Kashefi, Scott Selman
Consulting Editor
Doug Blush
Emmanuel Jal
Patrick Duboscq, Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt, Dr. Paula Kahumbu, Jane Kennedy, Raymond J. Lesniak, Colonel Jacques Lusengo, Gretchen Peters, Taligo Tengu, Dr. Samuel K. Wasser, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William


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