Into the Now
World Premiere

Into the Now

Virtual Arcade
| USA | 10 MINUTES | English
Director and legendary shark photographer Michael Muller’s lifelong fear of sharks eventually led him to discover the tranquility and peace of mind that is possible underwater, engaged with these curious and intimidating creatures. This stunning documentary, a revolutionary, stereoscopic virtual-reality experience, explores marine life and ocean conservation via Muller’s own internal journey.

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Cast & Credits
Michael Muller
Project Creator
Michael Muller
Key Collaborator
Michael Smith, Morne Hardenburg
Executive Producer
Michael Muller, Michael Smith
Michael Benson
RSA Executive Producers
Jules Daly, Jen Dennis
VRTUL Stereoscopic 3D Camera System
Matt DeJohn, Casey Sapp

Project Contact
Jeffrey Greller
Press Contact
Lauri Aoli
Phone: 323 380 7664


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