Intersection of I
World Premiere

Intersection of I

| USA | 0 MINUTES | English

Intersection of I is an immersive video installation, part of Whitney Dow's ongoing Whiteness Project, which is a 2015 TFI New Media Fund grantee. According to Dow, this project is in some ways many years in the making, stemming from his work with his frequent collaborator Marco Williams on films like Two Towns of Jasper, a project that eventually forced him to confront his own racial identity. Intersection of I combines video, data visualization, and interactivity to explore how millennials who identify as white, or partially white, process their racial identity. This can be very uncomfortable and even controversial at times but the project is creating a fascinating and important space for white people to think and talk about race during such a charged period in American history.

Whiteness Project is produced in association with American Documentary | POV.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Whitney Dow

Whitney Dow is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and educator. He has has been producing and directing films focused on race and identity for almost two decades as a partner in Two Tone Productions. His films have premiered at festivals ranging from Sundance to Tribeca and been broadcast on networks around the world. His his work has been recognized with: the George Foster Peabody Award; Alfred I. duPont Award; Anthony Radziwill Documentary Achievement Award; and the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies Filmmaker Award as well as many film festival honors. Dow’s current focus is on the Whiteness Project, a story-based interactive media and research project.

Whitney Dow
Naomi Ranz-Schleifer
Executive Producer
Michelle Byrd
John Kudos, Studio Kudos
Ada Tolla, Giuseppe Lignano, LOT-EK
Audio Visual Design
Terence Caulkins (Arup)

Project Contact
Whitney Dow
Two Tone Productions
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 917 520 2312
Press Contact
Charlie Guadano
5000 Broadway Productions
New York, New York 10003
Phone: 2123908598
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