I Was Never There

Tribeca Audio Storytelling: Official Selections

World Premiere

United States | 28 MINUTES |


Women, Documentary, Music, Politics, Biography, Mystery

Take a trip into the countercultural movements swirling through West Virginia in the 1970s and 80s. Jamie Zelermyer and her mother Karen investigate the shocking disappearance of their friend Marsha “Mudd” Ferber and explore her evolution from suburban housewife to back-to-the-land hippie to drug-dealing bar owner. As mother and daughter venture deeper into the mystery of Marsha’s disappearance, the two process their own history: Jamie reflects on her nontraditional upbringing and Karen reckons with the joyful and complicated consequences of her decisions.

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Project Creator
Jamie Zelermyer, Karen Zelermyer, Wonder Media Network
Adesuwa Agbonile, Lindsey Kratochwill, Liz Smith, Alessandra Wollner
Jamie Zelermyer, Karen Zelermyer
Jenny Kaplan, Liz Smith
Executive Producer
Jamie Zelermyer, Jenny Kaplan (Wonder Media Network), Karen Zelermyer
Sound Design
Liz Smith
Production Assistance
Alesandra Tejeda
Executive Producers
Jenny Kaplan, Jamie Zelermyer and Karen Zelermyer
Theme Song
Take Me Home, Country Roads, written by John Denver and sung by Brandi Carlisle