Fire In Babylon


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Sports, Documentary

The West Indies cricket team has reigned supreme longer than any team in history. Against the national liberation and Black Power movements of the '70s and '80s, extraordinary individuals with radical consciousness converged on the field to form the legendary team that transformed cricket. For a new generation of Caribbean people, cricket was more than just a game. Led by visionary captain Clive Lloyd, they set out to subvert the elitist, colonial values embodied by cricket with fearless spirit, remarkable catches, unparalleled endurance, and lightening-speed bowls. Intense training yielded the most physically powerful players the game had ever seen—immediately outmoding the days of potbellied cricketers. Despite the media's initial representation of the West Indies team as brutal "terrorists," game after game of innovative plays and buoyant energy eventually meant even the opposing teams couldn't contain their exuberance over a West Indies victory.

Punctuating the doc throughout with stylized reggae performances, Tribeca alum and award-winning director Stevan Riley (Blue Blood, TFF '07) charts an untold epic in sporting history through insightful interviews with former teammates and detailed commentary on adrenaline-packed matches.


Directed by Stevan Riley and Stevan Riley

STEVAN RILEY premiered his boxing film Blue Blood at Tribeca in 2007. It was released in the UK to widespread critical acclaim, earning a nomination for Best Film at the Evening Standard Awards as well as Best British Newcomer at the London Critic's Circle. His film Rave Against the Machine won awards at nine international film festivals.

Stevan Riley
Motion Graphics
Allison Moore
Executive Producers
Ben Goldsmith, Ben Elliot, Andrew Ruhemann
Peter Haddon
Charles Steel, John Battsek
George Chignell
Director of Photography
Stuart Bentley


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