El Cinco


North American Premiere

Argentina, Uruguay | 101 MINUTES | Spanish | English subtitles


Drama, Comedy
Patón is in his mid-thirties and approaching the end of his career as captain and star of a regional Buenos Aires soccer team mired in Argentine Division C. Despite dedicating his life to the game and his lower-tier team, fame and success have eluded him and his devotion to the sport has left him with few career prospects for his life after soccer. After receiving a red card and an eight-match suspension from the league for a characteristically hotheaded foul, Patón is forced to bid goodbye to his juvenile tendencies and take stock of the options that lie ahead. Along with his plucky, adoring wife Ale, he sets out for a fresh start. The second film from director Adrián Biniez is a charming and wryly observed comedy and coming-of-middle-age tale about starting a new chapter late in life and leaving the arena where you most feel at home.

—Ian Hollander

El Cinco is screening as part of a special cultural partnership with Venice Days, where each festival showcases a selection from the other's program. In 2014, Venice Days hosted the international premiere of Tribeca selection Five Star.

This feature is preceded by a short film from Marvel Entertainment and ESPN Films' 1 of 1: Origins series, Colin Kaepernick: If you know football, you know one of its biggest stars, QB Colin Kaepernick. Yet, it was on the baseball diamond that a young Colin would be forever changed. At 12, he was already a stand-out athlete, head and shoulders over his peers in both size and skill. But on one fateful day, the hits were not coming, his fielding was off and his attitude was bad. His father would see this opportunity as a moment to help redirect Colin’s life and forever alter his destiny.

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Directed by Adrián Biniez

Adrián Biniez was born in Argentina, and now lives in Montevideo, Uruguay. His first feature film, Gigante, was released in 2009, and won several awards including the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. El Cinco is his second feature film.
Adrián Biniez
Adrián Biniez
Fernando Epstein
Fernando Epstein
Guillermo Nieto
Esteban Lamothe, Julieta Zylberberg, Nestór Guzzini


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