A Day in the Life of America

World Premiere

USA | 78 MINUTES | English |


Documentary, Music, Politics
Filmed over the course of 24 hours, A Day In The Life of America explores our collective beliefs with hundreds of interviews sourced from all 50 states. As the hours of the 4th of July tick by, this visually rich tapestry of American life explores the intersectionality of politics, faith, and familial traditions. From director Jared Leto, the film features individuals from all walks of life; capturing mundane routines to milestone moments of births, reunions, and health crises. Moving from micro to macro, the narrative seamless shift to moments in our national history, including preparations for the ill-fated Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

Creating a vibrant chorus of patriotism, the film mines the complexities of our national consciousness; our vast capabilities, commonalities, and deeply ingrained differences. Encompassing a diverse range of beliefs and circumstances, A Day In The Life of America, is a rallying cry for our collective responsibility towards one another and to our great country.

—Jessie Fairbanks