World Premiere


Documentary Competition
| USA | 99 MINUTES | English
Female Director(s), Documentary, New York, First Time Filmmaker
Copwatch is the true story of We Copwatch, an organization whose mission is to film police activity as a non-violent form of protest and deterrent to police brutality. Around the country, a network of regular people take up cameras to bear witness to police actions and hold law enforcement to accountability. Director Camilla Hall profiles several We Copwatch members, including Kevin Moore, who filmed the arrest of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, and Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed Eric Garner’s fatal Staten Island arrest in the devastating video that has galvanized protestors and activists nationwide. And yet Orta is the only person involved in these incidents who has seen the inside of a jail cell. In her powerful directorial debut, Hall crafts an intriguing and incredibly timely profile of citizen-journalist-activists who are seeking to disrupt the ever-present challenge of police violence.

—Opal Bennett

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Camilla Hall
Camilla Hall is an award-winning British journalist-turned-filmmaker. Copwatch is her directing debut after a seven-year career as a correspondent in the UK, the Middle East and the US. She is also producing Freedom For The Wolf, a feature length documentary about the global rise of illiberal democracy.
Camilla Hall
Adriel Gonzalez
Grace Zahrah
Kris Bowers
Executive Producer
Daniel Lindsay, TJ Martin, Jacob Crawford, Patrick Hamm, Tirrell D. Whittley
Matthew Perniciaro, Michael Sherman, Camilla Hall
Ramsey Orta, Jacob Crawford, Kevin Moore, David Whitt

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Alexis Garcia
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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Matthew Perniciaro
Bow and Arrow Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA 90028
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US Sales Contact
Alexis Garcia
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: 310 285 9000
Press Contact
Jackie O. Asare
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