2020 Official Selection: Features

New York Premiere

FEATURE | Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Norway | 93 MINUTES | Spanish | English subtitles



Aldo (Baldomero Cáceres) is an aging, self-proclaimed prophet who lost a sense of meaning in his life—until Gabriel (Miguel Dávalos), a young follower who idolizes Aldo and still believes in his teachings, tracks him down and encourages him to return to preaching. As Aldo reflects on his identity as a fraud and contemplates returning to his spiritual mission, Gabriel embraces his role as young apprentice while duplicitously easing Aldo’s teachings into the new age.

From award-winning filmmakers Mariana Rondón and Marité Ugás comes this captivating story about faith, lies, and empathy. Situating a sense of place with striking locations, from Aldo’s shack on a beachside cliff to the marketplace of the inner city, Aldo’s simultaneous hope and paranoia are relentlessly evoked by the haunting score and invasive camera movements. Cáceres and Dávalos give subtly complex performances, mirroring each other’s evolving characters in this stunning portrayal of the power of faith—and deception—over those who desperately seek spiritual guidance.—Sarah Dawson


Directed by Marite Ugas

Marité Ugás is a director from Lima, Peru. Her feature films include The Kid Who Lies, which one Best Script at Havana Film Festival, and At Midnight And A Half, which premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Marite Ugas
Mariana Rondon
Marite Ugas, Miarana Rondon
Micaela Cajahuaringa
Pauchi Sasaki
Marite Ugas
Production Designer
Aaron Rojas
Executive Producer
Mariana Rondon
Rafael Sampaio, Beatriz Carvalho, Dag Hoeg, Diego Velasquez
Sound Design
Lena Esquenazi
Production Manager
Enid Pinky Campos
Casting Director
Beto Benites
Camera Operator
John Marquez


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