Carol & Johnny


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FEATURE | United States | 90 MINUTES | English | English subtitles



The unbelievable, decade-spanning, and surprisingly heart-warming true story of two of America’s most successful bank robbers, Carol & Johnny provides the opportunity for the real-life Bonnie and Clyde to reflect upon and record their unique love story in their own words. Comparing and contrasting the oral histories of both now-elderly ex-cons, Colin Barnicle’s riveting biographical documentary traces the history of the duo with equal intensity and intimacy, transforming true crime into a rich, literary epic. 

While delving into the motivations and methodology of the pair’s criminal activity, as well as how their operation inevitably came crashing down, Carol & Johnny is just as invested in their musings on incarceration, aging, and nude beaches. A nostalgic salute to living life on the wild side, Barnicle’s documentary is the perfect pick for thrill-seekers, romance lovers, true crime aficionados, and American historians alike.--Frederic Boyer

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Directed by Colin Barnicle

Colin Barnicle, along with his brother Nick, have been producing films under their award-winning production label, Barnicle Brothers, since 2010. Their most recent project was This Is a Robbery, a four-part Netflix docu-series. Colin produced, directed, shot, and edited this intimate portrayal of Carol and Johnny Williams.

Colin Barnicle
Barnicle Brothers with Words and Pictures
Colin Barnicle
Colin Barnicle
Executive Producer
Nick Barnicle, Colin Barnicle, Connor Schell, Libby Geist, Aaron Cohen
Cora Atkinson
Supervising Producer
Julie Schapiro Thorman
Johnny Madison Williams, Carol Hawkins Williams


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