Cannabis Buyers Club
World Premiere

Cannabis Buyers Club

Tribeca NOW
| United States | 49 MINUTES | English
Documentary, LGBTQIA+, Politics

Cannabis Buyers Club chronicles the most important unknown LGBTQ+ rights struggle of the 20th century. When a new disease ravages his community and the government doesn’t care, renegade pot dealer Dennis Peron leads a movement to help, heal, and fight back. Peron, a gay Vietnam vet, builds a pot empire in the middle of the war on drugs and fights politicians and police to save his friends. The definitive story of marijuana legalization in America. 

Playing in: NOW Showcase B (Documentary Episodic)

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Kip Andersen and Chris O'Connell
Kip Andersen and Chris O'Connell
Chris O'Connell
Adam Kaplan and Paul Marchand
Chandler Desforges
Carter Feuerhelm
Executive Producer
Aaron Ohlmann, David Clair
Additional Editing
Max Goldblatt

Press Contact
Erik Bright
Prodigy PR
Los Angeles, CA 90278
Phone: 310 857 2020


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