Campus Movie Fest + Tribeca: Tribeca Campus Docs

Special Screenings



Tribeca teamed up with Campus Movie Fest, the world's largest student film festival, where students across the country made short docs. The best from each campus event were viewed by a jury who selected the top eight films to screen at Tribeca.

Relax (Directed by Maya Effiong, University of Tampa)
After cutting off all of her hair, a girl goes in search of an answer as to why she doesn't feel comfortable showing it. She interviews five different woman who all share one thing in common: they have all attempted to permanently change the pattern of their hair.

Nian (Directed by Hany-Yu Chen, Emory University)
Nian is an interview-style documentary that illustrates Chinese New Year stories shared between international students at Emory University and their long-distance families.

The Heart of Krump (Directed by Joshua Cleveland, Perimeter College of Georgia State University)
The Heart of Krump is a film that looks past the surface of the long-standing stigma that Krump is a dance that is rooted only in anger and rage by looking at the people, the culture and the stories behind the movement itself.

41 Shots (Directed by Tumaini Johnson, University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
41 Shots is a restorative justice film, dramatizing the 1999 brutal police shooting of 22 year old Guinea Immigrant Amadou Diallo.

An American Dreamer: Oscar Valencia (Directed by Elena Mateus, UC Berkeley)
An American Dreamer documents Oscar Valencia as he tells the story of his journey to become a citizen in a place that does not always seems to want to accept him.

Black.Butch.Woman (Directed by Nia Cumberlander, University of Central Florida)
Black.Butch.Woman interviews three black, masculine-of-center women who explore their gender expression and personal style.

Just A Smile (Directed by Brad Cohen, Clemson University)
Diane Martin and a group of volunteers in Greenville, SC run a local soup kitchen for anyone in need of a hot meal or a roof over their head.

United Colors of Orlando (Directed by Ali Akbari, University of Central Florida)
A short documentary that highlights how the Orlando community came together through art following the Pulse tragedy.