The Boy Downstairs

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World Premiere

USA | 90 MINUTES | English |


Drama, Female Director(s), Comedy, New York, NY Director(s), Female Screenwriter(s), First Time Filmmaker
From first-time writer-director Sophie Brooks, this original romantic comedy is the coming-of-age tale of a young writer looking to find her way back in New York City after a two-year stint in London. Zosia Mamet exhibits winsome charm as Diana, navigating the rite of passage of every single New Yorker: the search for the perfect apartment. She seemingly finds such a jewel of a home, until realizing her downstairs neighbor is actually her ex whose heart she broke when she left town. Like a true New Yorker, she keeps the apartment.

Making the oft-told girl-meets-boy story new again, The Boy Downstairs asks real questions about love, chemistry and growing up, as Diana declares her intentions for cordial cohabitation, only to find their initially farcical arrangement giving way to more complicated feelings. Featuring a stellar cast, led by Mamet and supported by indie stalwarts Matthew Shear, Deirdre O'Connell, and newcomers Sarah Ramos and Diana Irvine.

—Liza Domnitz


Directed by Sophie Brooks

Sophie Brooks is a young filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She graduated with a BFA in Film and TV from NYU Tisch. Her short film Maple Leaves premiered at The Palm Spring International Short Film Festival in 2014. The Boy Downstairs is her first feature film.
Sophie Brooks
Sophie Brooks
Stefan Weinberger
Matthew Friedman
David Buckley
Executive Producer
Paul Brooks
Dan Clifton, David Brooks, Leon Clarance
Zosia Mamet, Matthew Shear, Deirdre O'Connell, Sarah Ramos, Diana Irvine


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