Bad Hurt


World Premiere

USA | 100 MINUTES | English |


Elaine and Ed Kendall have more than their share of grief and suffering. Once a young couple in love they now struggle for a sense of stability in their Staten Island home. Their eldest son is suffering from the physical and psychological effects of war; his younger brother takes it upon himself to bring him peace and relief. Meanwhile, their special needs daughter brings another kind of chaos to the family. Even though Ed and Elaine explore options for her care, they’re really just hanging on to hope that things improve somehow.

Bad Hurt is an agonizing story, but one that reminds us of the sturdy bonds that exist within a family, and how determination can survive even in the darkest of places.

—Deborah Rudolph


Directed by Mark Kemble

Mark Kemble is an award-winning writer/director from Providence, Rhode Island. His credits include Race and Facing Fear. Together with Jamieson Stern, Kemble adapted his play, Bad Hurt on Cedar Street, into film.
Mark Kemble
Mark Kemble, Jamieson Stern
Theo Rossi, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Nicholas Carmona, Nick Koskoff, Pam Thur, Jamieson Stern
Jennifer Lilly
Igor Kropotov
Executive Producer
Chad Verdi, Patrick McErlean
Tina DiGeorge
Karen Allen, Michael Harney, Theo Rossi, Johnny Whitworth, Ashley Williams, Iris Gilad


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