World Premiere


Virtual Arcade
| France | 18 MINUTES | English
Alexandro volunteers for an experiment carried out to study dreams in this poetic trip into the future. He can’t imagine that he will be subjected to the intrusion of Elsa, a form of Artificial Intelligence who aims to digitize his subconscious in order to feed off of it. She’s a vampire…bit by megabit.

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Cast & Credits
Directed by
Jérome Blanquet
Jérome Blanquet’s explorations of the image and spontaneous writing lead him to the representation of what escapes our consciousness. Inspired by technology, he continually interrogates the limits of his tools and his knowledge. It diverts from the established forms, in search of interstices, to the kinds of open areas where can find meaning.
Project Creator
Jérôme Blanquet
Key Collaborators
Yann Apperry, Bapstiste Chesnais, Julien Bercy, Irène Marinari, Gary Brocaud, Juliette Mesnager, Jean Chesneau
Okio Studio, Antoine Cayrol, Pierre Zandrowicz, Maxime Gallet
Post Producers
Saint George Studio, James Sénade, Bastien Harispe, François Denin, Geoffrey Pons
Bill Skarsgard, Pom Klementieff, Lizzie Brocheré, Amira Casar, Coco Lee-Bolis, Jonah Daniels

Project Contact
Antoine Cayrol
FatCat Films
Paris, 75020
Phone: +33141123093
Press Contact
Fred Volhuer
Phone: 9292727689


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