Shorts: Before Long
Unknown Premiere

Shorts: Before Long

Short Program
Time waits for no one in these short documentaries. From serious to “show biz”; they run the gamut of emotion.

An elderly man struggling to cope with his wife's dementia becomes captivated by a young actress at Dracula's, the theater restaurant in Ghost Train. Greg O’Brien, long-time Cape Cod reporter and newspaperman, who is diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimer’s, decides to confront the disease and his imminent decline by writing candidly about the journey in A Place Called Pluto. Traveling on the road with one of the most controversial musicians today, AMANDA F***ING PALMER ON THE ROCKS explores her fractious relationship with the music industry in the aftermath of her record-breaking crowd funding campaign and her intense online and physical interactions with her fans. Three pink tutus, three pink helmets and three pink skateboards—meet Bella, Sierra, and Rella, as the young girls prove skateboarding is not just for boys in The Pink Helmet Posse. Meet seven Hollywood golden era veterans with a combined age of 662—from a Vaudeville comedian still working at age 100 to the stunning siren that dated Ronald Reagan when he was a Democrat—these, ladies and gentlemen, are Showfolk.

Shorts Program Includes:
Ghost Train
A Place Called Pluto
The Pink Helmet Posse


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