Circa 1948
World Premiere

Circa 1948

| Canada | English

A rain-soaked city caught between the ruins of an old order and the shape of things to come.

Circa 1948 is a Storyworld featuring  an interactive art app for iPad and iPhone, an interactive installation and an interactive photo essay co-created by internationally renowned artist Stan Douglas and the award winning NFB Digital Studio. Discover two vibrant communities struggling through a time of unforgiving change. Though firmly rooted in the past, Circa 1948 ties economic recession to urban planning, and police corruption to the black market economy – relevant considerations in any age. Storyscapes will be hosting the world-wide launch. 

Cast & Credits
Stan Douglas in collaboration with the NFB Digital Studio
Loc Dao, Selwyn Jacob, Dana Dansereau
Project Managers
Kelly Fennig, Laura Mitchell
Installation Designers
Marshmallow Laser Feast
Set Designers
SMAK Productions
Software Developers
R&D Arts
Lead Artists
Trent Noble, Jonny Ostrem
Lead Software Engineer
Kearwood Gilbert


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