North American Premiere


World Narrative Competition
| France, Georgia | 94 MINUTES | Georgian | English subtitles
Drama, Female Director(s), Relationships, Female Screenwriter(s), First Time Filmmaker
In the suburbs of Tbilisi, Georgia, seamstress Nutsa shares an apartment with her two young children and awaits the return of her lover, Goga, who has six years left on his prison sentence. Following a surreal wedding ceremony in the confines of the prison, the couple is only afforded rare visits and phone calls to keep their relationship alive. Confronted with the prospect of raising her children alone, Nutsa faces difficult decisions about her life and livelihood. Should she keep her family together or maintain her own freedom?

First-time director, Tinatin Kajrishvili, creates an authentic portrait of what life is like for many Georgian women, based on her personal experiences as the wife of a prisoner. Featuring a stunning turn by lead actress Mari Kitia, Brides is an intimate look at love and absence, and a subtle indictment of Georgia's harsh penal system.

-Ian Hollander

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Tinatin Kajrishvili
Tinatin Kajrishvili was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, and graduated from State Theatre and Film University of Georgia . She’s directed and produced several short films and documentaries that have gained her international attention. Brides is her first feature film as producer and director.
Tinatin Kajrishvili
Tinatin Kajrishvili, David Chubinishvili
Tinatin Kajrishvili
David Guiraud
Associate Producer
Sebastien Aubert, Suliko Tsukukidze, Lasha Khalvashi
Goga Devdariani
Executive Producer
Tinatin Kajrishvili
Rim Laurens
Mari Kitia, Giorgi Maskharashvili, Giorgi Makharadze, Darejan Khachidze, Tamar Mamulashvili, Ana Grigolia, Beka Samadbegishvili

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