Broken Hill Blues


North American Premiere

Sweden | 80 MINUTES | Swedish | English subtitles


Drama, Female Director(s), Female Screenwriter(s), First Time Filmmaker
A group of adolescents wrestle with their uncertain futures in a remote mining town that’s literally cracking underneath their feet. Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden, sits above an iron ore mine that has been slowly eroding the land around it for decades. Soon, Kiruna and everyone in it will have to move, but to where they do not know. As the displaced teenagers linger on the cusp of adulthood, they echo the town’s own fragility in this beautiful and understated film. Marking the arrival of a truly original voice, first-time director Sofia Norlin’s vivid and timely portrait starring Lina Leandersson (Let the Right One In), is yet another shining example in the rising wave in Swedish cinema.

-Frederic Boyer


Directed by Sofia Norlin

Sofia Norlin is a Swedish director who studied film in Stockholm and Paris where she now lives and works as a theater and film director. Her previous work includes the 30-minute short film, Les Courants (The Currents, 2005), which was awarded at several international festivals and for which she received a grant from French Authors’ Society SACD. She was also granted a scholarship from the Ingmar Bergman Estate for the writing of her first picture, Broken Hill Blues.
Sofia Norlin
Sofia Norlin
Olivier Guerpillon
Per-Erik Svensson, Andreas Bratt, Git Scheynius, Thomas Järn, Mattias Bergkvist, Ingrid Bergman
Executive Producer
Julien Siri, Maria Larsson Guerpillon
Associate Producer
George Ivanov, Sirel Pensaar, Anna-Maria Nildén
Production Designer
Liv Ulfsdottir, Emma Skoog
Nicolas Bancilhon, Philip Bergström
Anna-Karin Unger, Conny Nimmersjö
Petrus Sjövik
Sound Design
Erik Guldager, Gabor Pasztor
Kalle Kamnert, Måns Hansson
Costume Design
Hanna Sjödin
1st Assistant Director
Jean-Cedric Rimaud
Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs, Lina Leandersson, Alfred Juntti, Ella Nordin, Pär Andersson, Alexandra Dahlström


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