U.S. Premiere

USA, U.K. | 100 MINUTES | English |


Charles Sturridge's Lassie is set in a socially divided Yorkshire just before World War II. While members of the upper classes are busy tending to their mansions, Sam Carraclough (John Lynch) and his wife Sarah (Samantha Morton) are struggling to make ends meet. Their son Little Joe (Jonathan Mason) is heartbroken when they are forced to sell his beloved collie Lassie to the eccentric Duke of Rudling (Peter O'Toole). But Lassie has other ideas. During her shipment to Scotland, she escapes from her cage and sets out across the British countryside on a long journey home that is filled with thrilling adventures, including a stint with charming puppeteer Rowlie (Peter Dinklage) and his sweet mutt. Defying all the odds, Lassie finds help in unexpected places as she makes her way back to Joe just in time for Christmas. This heartwarming treat, with its superb cast and gorgeous scenery, is an unforgettable addition to the Lassie franchise.