Secrets of the Code

Unknown Premiere

130 MINUTES | English |


This spiritual road-trip follows the real-life path of Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code. From the sacred feminine in a prehistoric cave in France, to musical mysteries hidden in a chapel in Scotland to a templar tomb in London to the catacombs of Rome, the film takes the audience on the journey traced by the novel. Along the way, we meet well-known teachers and writers as well as rabbis, monks, priests and people whose lives have been affected by the book-all of whom create an evolving dialogue about the questions that have framed man's search for meaning since the beginning of time. Interweaving the themes and ideas of the novel, Secrets of the Code explores the past and the present-and holds out hope for the future. The festival will present a 25-minute sneak peak of this work-in-progress, followed by a discussion with director Jonathan Stack and Secrets of the Code author Dan Burstein.