Two Embraces

International Premiere

Mexico | 86 MINUTES | Spanish |


In Enrique Begne's striking directorial debut, two stories reveal the fractured lives of four people in modern-day Mexico City. Paco, a young boy from a broken and troubled home, forges an unlikely friendship with Silvana, a supermarket cashier who has been abandoned by her mother. Joaquin, a taxi driver whose quiet demeanor belies the rage and guilt that boils inside him, is forced to take responsibility for the affairs of a cantankerous man who has a stroke in his taxi. In the process he befriends Laura, the daughter the man abandoned years earlier. Begne's film deftly touches on the theme of abandonment, examining the wounds it inflicts on those left behind. Set against the backdrop of a suffocating metropolis, the drama is shot with great immediacy and inventiveness, while the score, both haunting and urbane, sets the tone. The fragile lives of four people are laid bare as they are forced to face one another and themselves in this meditation on the plight of modern man. Two Embraces reflects all the loneliness and isolation suffered by those living in the midst of a big city, and reveals that, in the end, only human contact can mend their fractured lives. Copresented with the Mexican Cultural Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.