For All the Marbles

North American Premiere

Canada | 11 MINUTES | English |


Recess begins -- the schoolyard is flooded with kids! Ten-year-old Jeff reveals his prized cat's-eye marble in a bid to win the Universal Marble Championship. But just before his winning shot, Cricker, the schoolyard bully, grabs it and launches it to the other side of the playground, and Jeff must set off across the infamous "big-kid's area" to retrieve it. With danger at every turn, Jeff plays his way through various games in order to claim his marble, but will he return in time to win the game?


Directed by Kris Booth

KRIS BOOTH, a native of Ottawa, Canada, attended the Drama Program at Canterbury School for the Arts and the Ryerson University's Film Studies program in Toronto. While at Ryerson, Kris produced and directed several films earning him the Norman Jewison Filmmaker Award for two consecutive years. He is currently developing two features through his producton company Shoes Full of Feet: Mistletoe and The Leftover Bandit, an official project of the National Screen Institute's Features First program.