Chinese Dumplings

North American Premiere

USA | 8 MINUTES | English, Chinese |


Female Director(s)
Like any kids their age, sisters Lucy, 9, and Grace, 7, would rather be playing outside after school than practicing the violin in their living room -- especially since it is Grace's birthday, and they deserve a break! Lucy goes out of her way to look out for their interests, but in the end it is younger sister Grace who surprises everyone with her actions and illuminates how, in childhood, even the smallest moments define us in big ways.


Directed by Michelle Hung

The American-born daughter of immigrants from Taiwan, writer/director MICHELLE HUNG grew up in Santa Monica, CA. She earned her B.S. at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and graduated with an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA in 2006. Her MFA thesis film, Chinese Dumplings, was selected for UCLA Directors Spotlight at the DGA and won the UCLA Best Cinematography Award.