World Premiere

USA | 120 MINUTES | English |


Cavedweller, Lisa Cholodenko's third film, brings the director of High Art and Laurel Canyon to fertile new territory. In this deeply moving film about family, Kyra Sedgwick plays Delia, a gutsy rock star whose life gets turned upside-down following the death of her ex-partner, Randall (Kevin Bacon), in a car accident. Delia uproots herself and her daughter, Cissy, from Los Angeles and moves back to her small southern hometown, where she had left behind a husband (Aidan Quinn) and two older daughters. Her daughters, now teenagers, have become strangers to her: one is a born-again Christian, the other takes middle-of-the-night car trips with a set of twin boys. Both are in need of healing and attention. Delia has to muster the courage to become a mother to the two children she has ignored and whom she no longer understands, while coming to grips with her reasons for leaving her family and the guilt she still feels because of it. While the entire town blames her for deserting her family, Delia carries within her the secret behind her decision. Sedgwick, Quinn, and Bacon all shine in this engrossing adaptation of Dorothy Allison's novel.