Looking for Kitty

World Premiere

USA | 105 MINUTES | English |


Edward Burns brings us his most assured and intimate film to date with Looking for Kitty, a funny and charming look at the relationship between two lonely outcasts thrown together by circumstance on the streets of New York City. Abe (David Krumholtz) has come to the Big Apple from upstate to search for his wife, Kitty, who left him six months earlier with no forwarding address and no explanation. Distraught, Abe calls on Jack (Burns), an out-of-work detective whose gruff exterior hides a heart of gold. Though he considers the case "strictly nickel and dime" Jack desperately needs the work. The two men forge a friendship while staking out Kitty's friends, over lunches in the cold and rain, and during one night of drinking with Jack's super. Put together one man who's a fish out of water, and another who seems to have lived every minute of his life on the streets of New York, and sweet comedy ensues. Shot all over the city, Looking for Kitty is a captivating film that perfectly portrays one of Burns' hometown's most magical qualities: its ability to bring people from different backgrounds together around common purposes and shared experiences -- be they long walks on asphalt streets in the pouring rain or late-night bull sessions.