Let's Rock Again!

World Premiere

USA | 67 MINUTES | English |


You would think that a rock star who was the lead singer for one of the most influential bands in the world would have no problem starting a new band, making a record, and selling out concerts. But that's not the case for Joe Strummer, the former lead singer of The Clash, as he and his new band, The Mescaleros, embark on their tour. Longtime Strummer collaborator Dick Rude creates an image of a humble man trying to do what he loves best: create music that connects people. If for some reason you didn't know who Joe Strummer was, you would think that this was just another documentary about a struggling musician trying to make it. And in many ways that's exactly the point. We watch as Strummer does an impromptu radio interview and passes out handwritten flyers on Atlantic City's boardwalk to promote his own show -- and then arranges photo shoots and more radio interviews in cities from New York to Tokyo to San Francisco. Mixed with incredible live and backstage footage are segments that include Strummer, who passed away before the completion of the film, talking about the essential records that he needs to bring on the road with him and his drive to get back to "finding" music instead of taking what is given, as well as footage of his last recording sessions. Rude's observational style creates a portrait of a rock legend whose ego takes a back seat to the raw emotion in his music performances, channeled through his personal beliefs and values.