World Premiere


| USA | 99 MINUTES | English

Shawn Regruto's Point&Shoot captures the world of New York fashionistas --photographers, models, and their friends - as they roam the streets and bars of the city, making names for themselves as effortlessly as they set trends. Everything about this film is beautiful - there are beautiful women, and the handsome men who surround them, all drinking the best drinks and doing the best drugs. Much of the film is shot from the point of view of the film's star, Regruto himself, providing the viewer with an inside look at this high glamour lifestyle. After Shawn and a radiant model named Athena make a connection on the first night they meet, the film follows their relationship through an initial separation, as she journeys to the runways of Paris, and on to the New York fashion shows. Their relationship is defined by cameras -- they talk into them, pose for them, and communicate long-distance through video. Some of the most beautiful images in the film consist of still photography of Athena. Regruto's film is a trenchant and authentic glimpse inside the world of fashion and photography. Watching it, we almost feel as if we are watching a documentary -- a truly well-scripted one at that.


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