One Perfect Day

International Premiere

Australia | 104 MINUTES | English |


One Perfect Day is a modern-day fable set in the club and dance party world of Melbourne, Australia that amazingly blends slick, stylish cinematography and editing with compelling drama. Tommy Matisse, a musical prodigy attending school in London, fights against the rigid standards of music's traditionalists by creating avant-garde presentations during recitals. He is so completely immersed in his musical life that he is shut off from all else -- including the cries of his sister Emma. After Emma accidentally overdoses, Tommy returns to Melbourne. Once there his desire somehow to understand his dead sister leads him on a musical odyssey into the world of DJ'ing. On a journey of self-discovery, he connects and disconnects with his girlfriend, Alysse, an aspiring singer who is falling under the spell of a manipulative club owner seducing her into his dangerous world. As Tommy begins to understand and embrace DJ'ing as a way to connect people, Alysse goes into a downward spiral. Paul Currie makes an exceptional directorial debut that marks him as one of Australia's brightest filmmakers to emerge in recent years. Along with creating a distinct and original aesthetic style, Currie is able to guide honest performances from a talented group of young and veteran actors. One Perfect Day's stunning visuals riff against music essential to the story including original and remixed tracks from Paul Van Dyk, The Dust Brothers, Moby, Orbital, and Underworld.