America Brown
World Premiere

America Brown

| USA | 90 MINUTES | English
Small town West Texas football comes to Brooklyn when high school quarterback America "Ricky" Brown journeys to New York City to confront the demons that haunt him at home: the death of his brother and the pressure to succeed on the gridiron. In Brooklyn, Ricky looks up his brother's old teammate John Cross, who has grown alienated from his Texas roots and become a priest. Cross is plagued by his own demons, including a crisis of faith that has led him to engage in a relationship with a woman. He must own up to his lack of faith and determine whether his future lies in the Church or outside it. As they struggle with their problems, these two seemingly different people come to realize that neither of them can completely leave the dusty Texas football fields behind. But before Ricky can come to terms with his own issues, his high school coaches track him down at Cross' apartment, forcing the riveting conclusion. Karen Black is marvelous as Ricky's mother, while Natasha Lyonne provides able support as Vera, a woman Ricky meets in Brooklyn. America Brown is a movie about how the past will never be behind us until we confront what troubles us, about trying to fit in and not knowing how.


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