New York Premiere


Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| U.K., France | 16 MINUTES | English
Drama, Female Director(s)

It is the perfect vacation for middle-aged couple Paul and Rebecca: a beautiful sun-drenched resort where they can relax all day by the pool, reading, sunning, and swimming. When a spirited French boy tears his way through the picture-perfect scene, oblivious to the noise and disruption his games and childish antics cause, he becomes the focus of Paul's irrational, ever-increasing irritation. But at a crucial moment, Paul hesitates between what he should do and what he wants to do, and the repercussions may last a lifetime.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Virginia Gilbert

Virginia Gilbert is a Dublin-based, BAFTA-nominated writer and director. Since age 13, she has been working in film, and Hesitation is based on her short story. She is currently in postproduction on a series for Irish TV about the history of prostitution and about to begin her first feature as a writer/director.

Exective Producer
Rebekka Wray-Rodgers
Principal Cast
Gerard McSorley, Suzanne Burden
Julian Berlan, Michelle Eastwood
Director of Photography
Rob Hardy
Virginia Gilbert


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