Women Workers Leaving the Factory

North American Premiere

Chile | 21 MINUTES | No Dialogue |


In Women Workers Leaving the Factory, director José Luis Torres does for factory girls, what Zola or Bruegel did for the common worker. Torres first shows us the dirty factory, where only women work at the production units. During their short break, the girls rally together, ultimately deciding to leave work early and spend the afternoon on the beach. Their suffering and relief are both brought to bear in this heartbreaking and atmospheric film about the invisible prisons that society builds for us.


Directed by José Luis Torres

José Luis Torres was born in 1975. At the tender age of 23, he won the distinguished FONDART state award for his 16 mm short film Los Muertos. Since then he has made several critically acclaimed independent videos, including Un Encuentro con Molly Bloom (2002), Memorias del Ojo (2002), Confesiones de un Caballo Suicida (2002), and No Tengo Nada que Decir (2003).