The Flat

World Documentary Competition

North American Premiere

Germany, Israel | 97 MINUTES | English, Hebrew, German |


Documentary, Relationships
At age 98, director Arnon Goldfinger's grandmother passed away, leaving him the task of clearing out the Tel Aviv flat that she and her husband shared for decades since immigrating from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Sifting through a dense mountain of photos, letters, files, and objects, Goldfinger documents himself undertaking the arduous process of making sense of a lifetime's accumulation of possessions. In the process, he begins to uncover clues that seem to point to a greater mystery, and soon a complicated and shocking family history unfolds before his camera.

What starts to take shape is the troubled and taboo history of Goldfinger's grandparents' lives in Germany in the tumultuous and difficult years before World War II, and the unexpected yet inevitable ethical ambiguities and repressed emotions that arise when everyday friendships suddenly cross enemy lines. In this emotionally riveting documentary, Goldfinger follows the hints his grandparents left behind to investigate long-buried family secrets and unravel the mystery of their painful past.

2012 Best Editing in a Documentary Feature Award Winner. Click here for additional screenings.


Co-hosted by Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York. Additional support from the Israel Film Center.


Consulate General of Israel in New York  Israel Film Center


Directed by Arnon Goldfinger

Arnon Goldfinger is the winner of two Israeli Academy Awards. He has been working as a director, scriptwriter, and producer since 1992. His previous documentary feature The Komediant won numerous awards and was released theatrically in Israel and the United States in 2002.
Arnon Goldfinger
Yoni Rechter
Executive Producer
Zero One Film
Tali Halter Shenkar
Amos Zippori
Mareike Leuchte, Franziska Linder, Arnon Goldfinger
Associate Producer
Arnon Goldfinger
Arnon Goldfinger
Thomas Kufus, Zero One Film
Director of Photography
Philippe Bellaiche, Talia Galon


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